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- make site button
- boxes
- redo background
- visit counter
- draw titles
- figure out how to display rss feed
- the whole page
- think of a better page name
- the whole page

i like these sites and i have no idea who these people are

this website is the home of whatever and also skaluli is here and made it.
feel free to look around.

this website is the home of whatever
and also skaluli is here and made it.

feel free to look around.

23 02 2024 11:58PM
- drew and added an updates logo and a to do list logo. lined the skaluli header as well. all currently just default white and black as im not sure what colour scheme to go for. need to eventually learn iframes so i dont have to type these directly into the code. wasting a lot of space by doing it like this lmao. thinking of removing "stalk me" from the nav bar, i feel like thats something that would fall better under "me moment". (still need to figure out a better name for that section.) also still need to figure out an 'aesthetic' (i dont know the right word. style, design??) for the site as, as you can see, its very blank. just white boxes and default fonts. we'll get there. about time i give an update not in the am for once. dont mind the fact it almost is am lul.
23 02 2024 3:37AM
- it only took a year and a character redesign to replace one stand in image.
01 01 2024 3:57AM
- need to figure out how to put text over an image again lmao. also happy new year.
30 12 2023 4:12AM
- i havent updated the site much purely because i wasnt sure what design route i wanted to go with. i sketched this in ms paint as a sort of template. still need to do the design which was the whole point, but hey i guess something is better than nothing.
12 11 2023 3:11AM
- skaluli comes back just to add a half arsed scroll bar and then he leaves again immediately.
27 07 2023 3:05PM
- hello ! i dont know if you can even read this in the current state of the site but im redoing some code and hense why the website is currently broken. i forgot to tell you that when i was doing it, that was a few days ago now. sorry.
9 05 2023 9:33PM
- miao
4 05 2023 1:17PM
- got fired, website time
20 02 2023 10:41PM
- got the images set up at front with ducktape and prayers, just need to figure out how to get the text over the image. i fucking forgot that even though its transparent there's still a box there. you know what i mean you probably dont. i got work tomorrow, maybe ill find some free time to sketch out more pages, honestly probably not since well its ramping up quickly eg. less time to do things more making photos pretty. what joy. have a good one random stranger who sees this.
18 02 2023 4:11AM
17 02 2023 00:00AM
- the website is barely alive, currently still trying to figure out what id like.

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