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this website is the home of whatever and also skaluli is here and made it.
feel free to look around.

what the fuck is this site?

this site is hold all whatever
the me moment page is very self indulgent
the iitl page is for everything my series!
stalk page is for stalking

site log / updates

17 02 2023 - the website is barely alive, currently still trying to figure out what id like.
18 02 2023 4:11AM - FUCK
20 02 2023 10:41PM - got the images set up at front with ducktape and prayers, just need to figure out how to get the text over the image. i fucking forgot that even though its transparent there's still a box there. you know what i mean you probably dont. i got work tomorrow, maybe ill find some free time to sketch out more pages, honestly probably not since well its ramping up quickly eg. less time to do things more making photos pretty. what joy. have a good one random stranger who sees this.
9 03 2023 9:16PM - bruh right now the website looks like the taj mahal
4 05 2023 1:17PM - got fired, website time
9 05 2023 9:33 - miao